Malcolm asks about the proportion of funds set aside for health in Scotland
Question on funding for Health in Scotland Malcolm Chisholm (Edinburgh North and Leith):
The cabinet secretary has said repeatedly that the Barnett health consequentials would be passed on in Scotland. How has the 0.5 per cent real-terms increase in the English health budget become a 33 million real-terms cut in the Scotland health budget, according to table 8.02 on page 117 of the budget document? How has the 2 billion of health money for adult social care in England translated into 70 million in Scotland, which is only one third of the Barnett consequentials?

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth (John Swinney):
I am afraid that Mr Chisholm has been making a miscalculation about his Barnett consequentials. The Barnett consequentials arising from the health service changes in England were 280 million and they have been passed on to the health service in Scotland.
November 17th 2010, (Column 30845)