Malcolm asks about area-based regeneration funding for Edinburgh
Question on Fairer Scotland Fund (Guidance) The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth (John Swinney):
As part of the concordat, the ring fence associated with the fairer Scotland fund will end in March 2010, with the sums allocated to local authority areas rolled up within the local government finance settlement from 2010-11 onwards.

To set out the on-going commitment of national and local government to tackling deprivation, we published a joint statement with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities entitled "Equal Communities in a Fairer Scotland" in October 2009. That contains a set of key principles, which are built on those underpinning the fairer Scotland fund approach and are focused on prevention, early intervention, partnership working, employability and community engagement...

Malcolm Chisholm (Edinburgh North and Leith):
Can the cabinet secretary reassure those parts of my constituency that are still benefiting from the fairer Scotland fund, albeit at a reduced rate, about what will happen to area-based regeneration funding in future? Is there anything in the single outcome agreements or the guidance to ensure that my council, which is a Scottish National Party coalition administration, will still have to dedicate money to area-based regeneration?

John Swinney:
I make a similar point to Mr Chisholm, but perhaps not with the party-political invective that I gave to Mr McMahon. I simply make the point that Mr Chisholm's question assumes that local authorities are somehow not supportive of, interested in or committed to local regeneration. In my experience, that is not the case. I discuss with local authorities the various efforts that they are making to regenerate communities and seek to ensure that they have the flexibility at local level to use resources from the fairer Scotland fund and other elements of the core financial settlement to maximise the economic impact of regeneration. We should encourage that process of local democracy and motivate people to carry it out rather than criticising it in Parliament.
January 28th 2010, (Column 23267-8)