Malcolm's expresses concern about the inspection of care homes for the elderly
Questions on  the Care Commission Malcolm Chisholm (Edinburgh North and Leith) (Lab):
The minister will agree that the care commission is central to addressing these problems. Is she satisfied that downgrading the second inspection of many care homes within any one year is risk free? Is she considering extending the care commission's powers to enforce the care standards using the legislative opportunity of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill? Will she address the problems of the care commission's information technology system, which are wasting the valuable time of many staff?

Shona Robison The Minister for Public Health and Sport):

The care commission's approach involves risk-based inspection. It wants to be able to spend the most time with the services that need the most time to improve. I am sure that everyone agrees with that approach.

The care commission does a hugely important job. It was established by the Parliament to ensure that the level and quality of services are monitored and that action is taken where there are failings in the system. In 2008-09, the care commission issued 134 statutory notices to 84 care providers.

I accept Malcolm Chisholm's point about the IT system. However, despite some of the issues that have arisen, the care commission is doing an important job and we should support it in its efforts.

October 29th 2009, (Column 20626)