Malcolm raises the concerns of constituents about holiday lets on the Waterfront
Antisocial behaviour by tenants in short-term let flats Malcolm Chisholm (Edinburgh North and Leith) (Lab):
Can the cabinet secretary confirm that he is open-minded about modifying section 7 of the 2004 act so that antisocial behaviour notices can be enforced on landlords? In questions to and correspondence with the Scottish Government, I have so far been told that it has no intention of doing so. If there has been a shift in the Government's position, I very much welcome it.

Kenny MacAskill (The Cabinet Secretary for Justice):

From discussions at official level and with councils, it seems that section 7 is not necessarily the panacea that people seem to think that it is, because the short nature of the tenancies means that it is difficult for the legislation to be used effectively. We are happy to discuss the matter with members. We understand that antisocial behaviour notices have been served on landlords in only a few cases, and not at all in relation to holiday lets. It is not necessarily the case that section 7 offers a quick fix.

We recognise that there is a problem. We must keep the issue in proportion and recognise that holiday lets are important in many parts of Scotland, especially rural areas. Equally, we must ensure that people who are trying to get on with living their lives, who have to get up for work the next day and who want their kids to have a sound night in bed are not disturbed by party flats.
June 18th 2009, (Column 18572-3)