Malcolm highlights the need for affordable rented housing in Edinburgh and Leith
Housing: affordable rentable housing in Edinburgh and Leith Malcolm Chisholm (Edinburgh North and Leith) (Lab): I welcome the significant acceleration of housing expenditure for 2009-10. However, not a penny of that additional money will go to Edinburgh. How can the minister justify that? Given that we are moving towards our historic 2012 homelessness target, does the minister accept that the City of Edinburgh Council faces by far the biggest challenge, because Edinburgh has by far the biggest shortage of affordable rented housing? Surely Edinburgh desperately needs money in 2009-10, as well as in subsequent years?

The Minister for Communities and Sport (Stewart Maxwell):
The third tranche of the accelerated funding for this year has not yet been announced, so members should not prejudge where it will go.
January 15th 2009, (Column 14072)