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Malcolm Chisholm's Local News: Spring 2009 Scottish Climate Change Bill Malcolm smiling with a constituent and her friend, outside the Scottish Parliament I was pleased to attend an important rally outside the Parliament and also to speak in the debate in Parliament in support of the strongest possible Scottish Climate Change Bill.

Many constituents have written to me about this and I met up with some at the rally. The key issue is to get significant annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions underway without delay. Nothing less than three per cent annual reductions will do and that is what I am arguing for. Governments must give a strong lead but there is a crucial role for individuals and communities as well.

Congratulations to Greener Leith, the North Edinburgh Trust, Out of the Blue and the Pilmeny Development Project on winning awards from the Climate Challenge Fund to take local action on Climate Change.

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Holiday Lets & antisocial behaviour I was alerted by residents at Western Harbour to a persistent antisocial behaviour problem of flats being let out for stag and hen weekends. I have pursued this in questions and letters to the Scottish Government, suggesting various measures that would help. For example, the flats could be required to licence under the HMO licensing regime or an antisocial behaviour notice could be served on the landlord if a slight modification was made to the Antisocial Behaviour Act. So far the Scottish Government has not agreed to any of my proposals but the campaign goes on.

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Housing in Edinburgh and Leith In the housing debate on 29 April I spoke in detail about the housing needs of Edinburgh.

That is most starkly illustrated by the fact that 154 people apply for every Council House that becomes available. Edinburgh simply has to get a bigger share of the Scottish Housing cake. I said that resources must be distributed on the basis of how much housing shortage exists in any particular local authority area. This is all the more necessary over the next three year since Scotland has made a historic and internationally admired commitment that by 2012 every unintentionally homeless person will be offered permanent accommodation.

We're lucky that quite a bit of Edinburgh's housing money this year is going to the Port of Leith Housing Association but we are unlucky to be losing Mohanjit Singh who has been Director of the Port of Leith Housing Association for thirty three years. I would like pay tribute to the massive contribution he has made over the years to the development of Leith. A big thank you from me and from all the people of Leith I am sure.

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Leith Theatre Malcolm in cap, jacket and gloves with a litter picker on Leith Links It was a great pleasure for me to enter Leith Theatre again after thirty years in which it has been neglected and unused.

There is now a community campaign lobbying for the building to be reopened and I am a strong supporter. The building was at the heart of the community for years and the key demand is that it should be brought back into use for the benefit of the whole community. This could be for artistic purposes but also for social and other community events. Considerable refurbishment will be necessary and a bid has been made for the prestigious Edinburgh Arts Fund Prize in order to get the work underway.

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Citadel Youth Centre I was pleased to put down a motion congratulating the Citadel Youth Centre in Leith on winning a substantial award from the Big Lottery Fund for intergenerational work.

The Citadel will bring together older and younger people to reduce intergenerational conflict and promote community cohesion through a skills sharing and hobby programme. I was a strong advocate of this kind of work when I was working on the Strategy for Scotland with an Ageing Population as Communities Minister three years ago and in my motion advocated the development of this kind of work across Scotland.

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White Ribbon Campaign The White Ribbon Campaign came to Parliament to enlist men in the campaign against violence against women. I have supported the campaign for many years and hope more and more men will speak out, especially given the recent figures showing appalling levels of domestic abuse in Lothian.

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The Junction I also put down a motion in Parliament congratulating the Junction which is a very successful community based youth health project in Leith. Their outstanding work on issues such as alcohol, drugs and sexual health was recognised by an International Impact Award from Glaxo Smith Kline in partnership with the King's Fund. They beat hundreds of other entrants and richly deserve their prize.

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